Best Translation company in UK

EN Translation is a leading company for interpreting services in UK, regularly required to provide this service with professional experts in different methods for high profile firms, for example the BBC is one of our regular customer.

Depending on the location, duration, event type, service and number of interpreters required, you’ll get a free competitive quote. We charge for half day (up to 4 hours) or full day (5 hrs to 8 hrs). The charge includes the translator’s expenses and travel and waiting time.

Public Service Interpreters

We provide registered public services interpreters in over 100 languages. Public service interpreting types: (simultaneous, consecutive, telephone, whisper) for different purposes: court, police, medical appointments, conference, business meetings, to name but a few.

In a conference scenario, interpreters work in pairs in an interpreting booth. The interpreter listens to the speaker in one language then immediately relays it in another language through the booth microphone. Due to the pace and pressure of this type of work, each interpreter takes turns of about 20–30 minutes.

The interpreter sits with the delegates and listens to the entire speech (which may last up to 20–30 minutes) and takes notes throughout, then renders it into the other language.

This is another form of simultaneous interpreting, where the interpreter stands or sits beside the delegate and interprets directly into their ear.

The interpreter interprets the speech or presentation a few sentences at a time. This can take place either in person or remotely.

Where interpreting is undertaken over the phone, used in a variety of situations when the participants cannot all be in the same location.